Here you will find an overview of coaching and seminar topics designed to enhance your professional and personal development:


Intercultural Competence:

In a globalized world, intercultural competence is crucial. My seminars help you improve your intercultural skills and effectively communicate and work in a multicultural environment.


Leadership Training:

A good leader is characterized by certain abilities. In my training, you develop your leadership qualities and learn important strategies to successfully lead and motivate your team.


Conflict Management:

Conflicts at work can affect productivity and the working atmosphere. My conflict management seminars provide you with proven techniques to identify, analyze, and constructively resolve conflicts.


Self-Coaching Tools:

Self-reflection and self-development are key to personal growth. In my seminars, you receive valuable self-coaching tools and techniques to help you define your goals, overcome obstacles, and realize your full potential.


Communication Training:

Effective communication is the foundation of successful relationships and collaboration. In my seminars, you improve your communication skills and gain valuable tools for clear, empathetic, and targeted communication.



A strong team is the key to success. In my team-building seminars, we foster team spirit, improve collaboration, and strengthen trust among team members.


Motivation Training:

Motivation is the engine for success and personal satisfaction. In my trainings, you will learn about various motivation strategies and how to increase and maintain your own motivation in the long term.


Stress Management and Resilience Training:

Stress management and resilience are critical factors for your well-being and success. In my seminars, I support you in identifying stressors, developing effective stress management strategies, and strengthening your personal resilience.


Time and Self-Management:

Effective time and self-management allow you to complete your tasks efficiently and make optimal use of your time. In my seminars, you learn time management techniques, how to set priorities, and achieve a balanced work-life relationship.


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