I am a certified business coach and stress management trainer and I absolutely love my job and I enjoy the challenge and satisfaction running my own business.

My purpose as a coach and change agent is to unlock people’s potential and help them to achieve their goals.



Intellectual roots:

Business coach, stress management trainer, personnel developer, management assistant and travel expert.


My values:

Purpose, diversity, empathy, sustainability, responsibility, generosity, freedom, gratitude, happiness 


 Others see me as...

...an authentic intellectual open-minded person

...an enthusiastic and passionate team player

...a cultural bridge builder who skillfully uncovers differences and successfully combines diversity in her work

...a person who is driven by the values of professionalism, effectiveness, appreciation, empathy, commitment and dedication


My qualifications and experience:

  • Coach (FH), DCV certified training 
  • Business Coach, certified by Steinbeis University Berlin
  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Social Management
  • Qualification in Online Presence Teaching (SBA/Management School, Steinbeis University)
  • Wingwave® Coach
  • Stress management  trainer
  • Nutrition Coach
  • HR Personnel developer
  • Training supervisor (IHK)
  • Certified international management assistant

Social commitment:

Mama Christa Foundation, Kenya (2nd chairperson of the sponsoring association)



CoachingRaum Karlsbad

Alexandra Gebhardt

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E-Mail: kontakt@coachingraum-karlsbad.de