MARGRET TREANOR, Head of HR Development EAP at ICL Group

Alexandra has the ability to get to the roots of an issue and knows the right questions to ask. I have worked with her in various roles - as a coach, colleague and coachee and would recommend her in every instance.

HARMAN - Leadership Training Communication & Offshore Teams

Dear Alexandra

A couples of weeks ago we had the pleasure to participate in your training about communication without stress.

We want to take the possibility and give you a short feedback of the benefits for our daily life.

As you experienced in the training the motivation within the team was very low.

A lot of issues were caused by unclear work packages, mislead communication flows and the feeling that the management does not understand the problem which come up at the daily work.


As a direct result of our workshop the team got a feeling that everybody is in the same boat. In the training everybody was encouraged to express his needs and worries.

And it showed up that all of us more or less had the same obstacle to deal with.

After the training it has been agreed with us that the outcome of our training would be presented by you to our management.

As a result pf that we had a long meeting with our team leads where we discussed the result in a constructive and positive atmosphere. Every single point was discussed and the team leads already presented solutions on some topics.

For instance, now everybody is informed when a new SW will be released.

So in our daily work these solutions are already noticeable and improve either the daily work as well the motivation within the team.

In summary we want to thank you in the name of the whole team for your training.

It had a big positive effect on our daily work and we believe that the whole company is benefiting of it. The development has not reached its end yet.


We are still developing more ideas how to improve everybody`s daily business.

Thanks a lot!


HARMAN - Leadership Training Communication & Offshore Teams, Bucharest

Dear Alexandra,

I want to start by thanking you for the great coaching session we had.

After two days of coaching I just realized that we can really change and improve ourselves and the others with the proper attitude, reactions and the right words. 

For me this was not just a traning. Not even close. It was a life experience given only by the kind and powerful example you stated. I cannot explain not even to myself what triggered this change of perspective, but this is what makes you an amazing person and coach.


Aura, Engineer


HARMAN - Teambuilding

Dear Alex, 

let me express my gratitude for the tremendous experience you helped me and my colleagues at Harman to create. 

Being part of a team requires consciousness and focus, and you provided us with tools to be aware of both.

Also, you gave them to us with a touch of lightness, that made them easy to be accepted and kept in our minds and souls.

I was genuinely inspired, and I'll do my best to keep on nurturing the ideas I've learnt during the three days we spent together.

In fact, I know I share them with my colleagues now and so I will in the future.


Many thanks and the best of luck!


Ludovico Ausiello PhD

System Engineer at Harman Automotive GmbH

SHELTER OF HOPE HOSPITAL, Stressmanagement Training

I really enjoyed the sessions! They were engaging and informative, now I can easily deal and manage stress by using the techniques that I have learnt. Truly it is a sacrifice on your side and may God bless you abundantly.


Thanks, Emmanuel, 29 years, ICT

I enjoyed the session having to know the importance of stressmanagement and its advantages to my own body, mind and soul. It encourages me to continue practicing the exercises/skills acquired to manage my stress and also share it to others in my social life.


Yours A.Nakholo (Clinician - Hospital Shelter of Hope, Kenya) - P.S. Wish the session was longer!

The stressmanagement training was so fantastic as to me I had a great time to learn how to manage stress in a much simplier way even of a minimum of time. Within a second, just closing your eyes and meditating.


I wish the trainer the very best and always remember St.Joseph Shelter of Hope.

By Joseph - Pharmaceutical Technologist

Dearest Alexandra

We are so grateful for training us on stress management.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

God bless you.

St. Joseph, Shelter of Hope Community, Voi, Kenya

Wingwave Coaching

I made a fascinating and enlightening discovery through my first Wingwave session with Alexandra.

This method of life coaching has an effect right from the start which means you don’t have to go through several sessions to be convinced of its positive benefits!

Alexandra is extremely inspirational in her methods and her professional outlook on the

situation during the session meant I was immediately immersed in the process.

She lead the way using techniques she has perfected over time, but I was the one

making the decisions giving me a complete sense of success and wellbeing by the

end of the session.

This has been a very inspiring experience and I would highly recommend Alexandra’s Wingwave coaching as a means to maximizing your personal or professional performance and reaching those goals you thought were unobtainable!

Alexandra also coaches for Stress Management in both German and English.




As a trainer, I witnessed a very high level of skill, knowledge and content delivery made with professionalism. During the "Knowing ME" session for youth aged 19 years and above hosted by The Rebuilders International , I co-facilitated with Alexandra and ended up learning a lot from her. She was well able to manage and control the group despite the cultural differences and in the end the participants were requesting for another session! She is effective and an excellent time manager during training. Working with her was a pleasure and I look forward to many more such events!


Josephine Wathika, Counsellor and Life Coach

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