Intercultural competences in multicultural teams:

Intercultural team coaching deals with the individual questions of team members.
The goal is to build bridges between cultures to create a basis for an open and trusting working atmosphere.

The team members have the chance to develop a better understanding of each other and create synergies.




Intercultural Training - WELCOME TO GERMANY


In today's world of change and globalisation, intercultural cooperation is a part of everyday life.

Experts from various industries work around the globe. It is important that people from different cultures are able to work and live together successfully.

To ease the transition into the German work and life culture and to prevent a culture shock I developed a training concept that provides many practical examples.


The goal of the training is to generate curiosity and to support the participants to understand the German way of life and easily move in and betweens cultures.

 The training will help you to adapt to the new cultural environment without losing your own identity and values of your cultural background.

 We will talk about challenges in intercultural communication and I will show you strategies for overcoming obstacles.


This platform also gives you the opportunity to share your own experinces and ideas for leisure activities, making networks and how to feel at home in Germany.

 With my personal background and open mindset I will share my experiences and give you information and aspects of the German culture.



  • What is a culture shock?
  • Perception and stereotyping
  • Importance of intercultural competence
  • Business etiquette
  • Working style and values
  • Communication: verbal and non-verbal
  • Successful teamwork
  • Find friends and networks

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