Many clients and participants of my seminars ask me about the inspiration behind my logo.

After I finished my coaching training I was about to create my first brochure.

I started to think about what coaching meant to me, what the focus of my work was and which values were important to me.
Since I am a visual person and I love photography, I wanted to represent my definition/meaning of coaching in an image.


On my visit to Canada in 2005, I discovered an artist while walking on English Bay Vancouver. He was piling up stones. He radiated so much calmness and concentration. We started talking, because I wanted to know how he was able to stack these unequal pieces and fit them together without them falling over.
And he answered very calmly and naturally: "It's all about balance".

The answer came back to me when I thought about my work as a coach and what I wanted to bring to my clients.
No one has to be perfect. Everybody is allowed to have their rough edges and not everyone has to be the same. But when we all find our own balance and inner strength, we can easily overcome life's obstacles. Equally, cooperation and coexistence with others becomes easier.

I can still feel the fresh sea breeze on my face and see the Pacific ocean …

I as a coach, want to give you this space and freshness for your development and change and transfer the quietness and light heartedness of this artist in my coaching and seminars.
The logo, which was created from the image, the imperfect - but perfect stones was outlined by my media designer Massimo ( in retrospect.

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